Aprender um idioma
de forma exclusiva


para alunos e professores

Think of the comfort of learning a foreign language from anywhere, anytime of the day and without the hassle of moving around, facing traffic jams and looking for parking space. After hiring a teacher, you have access to the site's resources at any time of the day. There is a list of teacher contacts who have chosen to offer their services on the site. You both decide about the details on how you will work together (schedule, price of service, etc.), the student sends an invitation to the teacher, requesting the contracting of the service. After accepting the invitation, the teacher will take the necessary steps to start the classes.
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Think of the comfort of teaching a foreign language from anywhere, anytime of the day, without having to move, face traffic jams and seek parking space. You can offer your service to customers anywhere in the world. By registering on the site as a teacher, you have access to the technology used to apply the method INTERVENTION, you receive training on the use of the method and a space to present your service. It is up to the teacher to establish his client group. Use the information presented on the site on how a personalized, individual and efficient teaching can help the student learn the foreign language.
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One teacher and only one or two students. This way, the teacher is able to develop a work exclusively focused on the needs of each student, identifying their specific difficulties and helping to solve them.


You have class (or give class) from wherever you want. In the comfortable environment of your home or in a hotel during a business trip. No need to go anywhere or to look for a place to park the car. The class is over, you're already at home.


The teacher respects the learning time of the student and understands the difficulties that each one presents and find the solutions that meet the individual characteristics of the students during the learning process.


The method INTERVENTION offers a sequence of activities that lead the student to the ultimate goal of communicating in the foreign language. The teacher is prepared to guide the student on how to learn the language using the method. Study according to the requests of the method and it won't take much time to learn a new language.

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