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A Service For Students And Teachers.

We have developed a teaching platform aimed at the application of an online foreign language lesson. We developed our own method that designed to respond to the peculiarities of distance learning. This is what we offer students and teachers – an efficient teaching method and an online platform so that both can have and teach in a quick and practical way. You’re all set, just access the platform at the agreed time and start learning / teaching the foreign language. When you finish class, leave the platform and continue your general activities. The teacher does not need to prepare classes or correct tests. The student does not need to copy anything or buy books. The platform takes care of everything from the student’s registration on the site, the timetable of classes, the accounting of classes and everything else so that both the student and the teacher only access the platform and dedicate themselves to teaching / learning the foreign language.


Our Work.

We seek to follow these guidelines in our courses.
One teacher, One student

One teacher and only one or two students. In this way, the teacher is able to develop a work exclusively focused on the needs of each student, identifying their specific difficulties and helping to solve them.


You have class (or give class) wherever you want. In the comfortable environment of your home or in a hotel during a business trip. No need to go anywhere or look for a place to park your car. Class is over, you're already at home.


The teacher respects the learning time of the student and understands the difficulties   that each one presents and finds the solutions which meet the individual characteristics of students during the learning process.


The INTERVENTION method offers a sequence of activities that lead the student to the ultimate goal of communicating in the foreign language. The teacher is prepared to guide the student on how to learn the language using the method. Study according to the method requests and it will not take you long to learn a new language.


More Details

The idea is simple: go to the platform, study or take a class. It's all set ...

From The Beginning

We have dealt with everything from the beginning. Teacher and student registration. Teacher recruitment and course selection


What are you looking for?

The right course to meet your goal: communicate in the foreign language, interpret text, watch movies and not need to read subtitles.


For the student

Everything the learner needs to have is available all the time. Book, agenda


To the teacher

The teacher only needs to access the teaching platform at the scheduled time and teach. Everything is ready: books, presence register, billing system, hiring of the service and everything.


More Details ...

for those who want to LEARN a foreign language
Track your

We offer tools that allow you to determine and track the speed with which you take the course.

According to
your goals

There are almost 20 types of courses to meet your specific goals: communicating, watching movies, reading texts …

You can not
waste time

Each module can be completed around 25 hours (depends on the student). You dictate the pace of the course.

All ready to teach

The teacher visits the site, prepares for class (5 minutes). School is over, you leave the site and you follow the life.

You can not waste time

The teacher buys hours on the platform at a fixed cost and resells to his students any way he wants.

Who can teach?

A qualified teacher in language teaching and someone who speaks the language at a native level can also give a conversation lesson.



Find out what's new for Justone-exclusive.

We have developed a teaching method and an online platform specifically to apply this method. The teacher receives training of up to 5 lessons to learn how to use the plan and method. We deal with the necessary details (registration on the platform, class attendance record, billing report and more). The student and the teacher need not spend anything beyond what they already spend to access the internet when teaching and learning the foreign language.

One year of operation
The company completed one year in July 2016. To commemorate this important milestone, we are inaugurating a new website and presenting a new brand to better represent our service. The company brand is now…
New teachers
Now the company offers the possibility for teachers to use our technology and content (the method) for the foreign language lesson online. We already have three teachers in training.
New services soon
We are just starting to implement new services. We will keep you informed in these space.

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